Thursday, June 16, 2016

Candi Cangkuang Garut

Cangkuang Lake And Temple 

Cangkuang lake and temple is a Hindustani temple belonged to the royal heritage of Sunda Galuh kingdom which located on traditional Pulo Village, in a small land on the middle of lake, therefore you have to use a flatboat to reach the location. Cangkuang lake and temple located in Cangkuang village, Sub-district Leles, District Garut. In this area there is a tomb belongs to Embah Dalem Arief Muhamad and a museum to keep historical objects from cultural heritage such as Al-Qur'an and ancient scripts. Cangkuang temple can be access from Sub-district Leles Square within 2,5 miles or 11 miles about 40 minutes drive from Garut city.

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